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Dr Ron Jones October Newsletter 2022

Ron’s Musings – October 2022 Dr. Ron Jones's Monthly Newsletter

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Cool Weather Greetings!

Here is your monthly dose of Ron’s Home Improvement Musings, a list of what I’m doing to my home and places I visit around the Magic Valley. If you enjoy it, please feel free to forward this to friends. 

Welcome to the Second Edition!

As time inevitably marches on, this newsletter embodies my goal to help us BOTH grow as time progresses. Our relationship is mutual interest in home investment/home improvement and enjoying our lives here in the Magic Valley of southern Idaho. This October edition shares experiences of new restaurants around town and home improvement projects. Each home improvement project includes local vendor/contractor recommendations based on personal experience. I received no financial compensation for my contractor recommendations.

Let’s Go!

Home Maintenance – Sprinkler Blowout

Winter is coming! I woke up to a brisk 40 degrees this morning already. It is time to schedule an irrigation blowout. Water that sits inside irrigation pipes can easily freeze and burst when temperatures get below freezing. Unless your pipes are buried below the frost line, you should have them blown out each year before the snow comes. Burst pipes can be difficult to detect and, therefore, costly to repair.

I scheduled one last Weed N Feed [link to buy online] visit from my favorite lawn care company (Snake River Sprinklers) and followed up with an appointment to blow out the system. I suspect we’ll enjoy the rich green blades of grass for another month or so before the frost robs us of their beauty. I plan at least one more pass with the new lawnmower to keep the grass freshly shaved and level before putting everything away for the winter.

✰ Local Recommendation: For lawn, sprinkler, and irrigation-related, I highly recommend Snake River Sprinklers. Yes, they might be a few months backlogged, so call ahead. The Montgomery Boys Gene and Laytn will take care of you!  (208) 734-8900 (located between Filer and Buhl on US-30).

✰ Local Recommendation: For anything lawnmower-related, I highly recommend Magic Valley Mower. One Google Review says, “If it’s a quick fix, the owner will drop what he’s doing to help you right there.” I witnessed that when I took my dysfunctional lawnmower in for repair. Located just south of the US 30, east of the 93 interchange as you are headed into Twin. He doesn’t have a website but the address is 21259 US-30, Filer, ID 83328 and you can call George at 208-734-1336.

New Favorite Restaurant & Mexican Street Tacos!

My eldest daughter Victoria helps me look for new culinary experiences around the Magic Valley. The best to date is the Teppanyaki Grill on Blue Lakes Blvd. A birthday celebration there is not soon forgotten! Warning: don’t wear a white shirt for dinner. Saki bottles are pointed at you and squirted in your mouth from across the table. But I digress.

This post entry is to shout from the rooftops that we have located a new favorite for street tacos! Having spent 21 years in the Phoenix desert, we have had difficulty finding authentic Mexican food in southern Idaho that passes our tests. Victoria reported in our family group text that she had stumbled upon not just delicious tacos…but KETO tacos. Lisa and I have been followers of the benefits of enjoying low-carb foods for years. Anytime we find a low-carb alternative to a favorite food (like tacos!), it is a win-win!

Mia’s Bakery is not the name you might expect for authentic Mexican cuisine. But once you pass through the front doors, you can see the culture from south of the border.

The keto tacos have a fried cheese shell. Lisa and I found them to be a bit rich in cheesy goodness for our tastes. But the traditional street tacos, with four choices of meats, are second to none! I enjoyed a few and went back to the register to order more! Interestingly, they include a side cup of consomme soup [link to buy online] as a dipping sauce. Consomme is the Jones family’s secret ingredient for our traditional noodle soup recipe, typically homemade around Christmas.

If you haven’t joined my Facebook Group Life in Twin Falls, you should go visit. I post there much more frequently, and you can see my excited post about Mia’s Bakery here. I shared pictures of the food and inside the eatery.

✰ Local Recommendation: Mia’s Baker in Twin Falls. A definite five-star, authentic Mexican cuisine in a clean, spacious restaurant setting. Located at 360 Main Ave N, Twin Falls, ID 83301. Phone number is 208-258-9055. The staff is young and very friendly.

A Must See: Bluerock Farm Market

I also shared the multitude of vibrant-colored vegetables and other foods we found at Bluerock Farm Market in my Facebook group. It sits just on the edge of Twin Falls as you head towards Filer on the US 93. In the month of October, you will find a huge help-yourself pumpkin patch, a large slide made from hay bales and a kids’ sand pit to play in. Only…it isn’t sand in the pit. It’s a billion kernels of corn!

The Bluerock Farm Market also sells organic dairy products from Cloverleaf Creamery. Cloverleaf is located west of Twin Falls in a town called Buhl. Their homemade ice cream is the stuff dreams are made of and I highly recommend you visit if possible. So having dairy available at the farm market is an added bonus. We stocked up on regular and chocolate milk in the Cloverleaf brand. It is super delicious and presented in traditional glass containers. We try hard to support local makers. We topped off our shopping basket with some fresh cilantro because I will be attempting to match the street tacos found at Mia’s Bakery today. I bought handmade corn shells from Mia’s. Along with the cilantro from Bluerock, It should be a fabulous lunch at the Jones Hacienda.

✰ Local Recommendation: Bluerock Farm Market in Twin Falls. Located just north of the hospital on US93 (aka Pole Line Road). 705 Grandview Dr N, Twin Falls, ID 83301. 208-731-9185

Aragog – One Last Shine

I took the time to clean up the ‘ol 77 CJ7 one more time before winter. My favorite summertime activity is driving around with the top off in this fantastic Magic Valley. I can think of no better way to cruise than in an old Jeep with the top off, all cleaned up and shiny. Whether cruising out to Balanced Rock (only 30 minutes from Filer) or the Shoshone Ice Caves on the way to Richfield, Aragog is one fun ride. Good times!

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