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Guide to Exploring Twin Falls – Ask a Twin Falls Realtor

Guide to Exploring Twin Falls – Ask a Twin Falls Realtor

Twin Falls, Idaho – established 1856 – population 70,000 – home to Jeremy Orton, Twin Falls Realtor

Nobody knows a local area better than a Realtor. When it comes to the Magic Valley, a Realtor from Twin Falls is the expert.

The City of Twin Falls and the broader Magic Valley, located between Curry and Kimberly to the west and east, are home to mesmerizing scenic sights and miles of picturesque countryside.

Shoshone Falls, nicknamed the Niagara Falls of the West, and Perrine Bridge, just a few miles upstream, draw visitors from all over the world.

Twin Falls, just south of this spectacular monument and the stunning Snake River, is surrounded by panoramic views of the Snake River Canyon and a multitude of outdoor recreation.

For an unending list of activities, find the perfect blend of year-round outdoor activities and beautiful mountainous landscapes.

I am a realtor in Twin Falls, kayak enthusiast, and author of this post.

Why not see for yourself why so many people choose to call Twin Falls, Idaho home. In fact, drive around town and you’ll notice a very popular window sticker on cars that simply says “Idahome.”

Discover a thriving metropolis with small-town charm, a welcoming ambiance, and easy access to big-city facilities! Twin Falls, a hub for agriculture, owes much of its successful economy to the local farming industry and a constantly expanding job market.

With so much development, miles of open space, and a myriad of housing alternatives, it’s difficult to see why anyone would want to leave. Let a local realtor in Twin Falls show you around town.

Twin Falls, Idaho, is full of stunning landscapes, iconic panoramas, and hours of downtown activity for city lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Enjoy the dynamic culture of the neighborhood, which includes gourmet restaurants that use locally produced products, unique boutique shops, museums, markets, and more.

Find an excellent balance of contemporary additions with preserved traditional accents among the abundance of developing breweries and eateries that are springing up.

Guide to Exploring Twin Falls - Ask a Realtor from Twin Falls
Local breweries recommended by a realtor in Twin Falls Idaho

Enjoy nearly 1,650 acres of manicured parks and outdoor spaces woven among the stunning cityscape, adding to the rustic appeal.

This charming town has a lot to offer, in addition to a number of annual events to look forward to, such as the Western Days Parade, the Twin Falls Old Town Criterium, the Light Parade, and many others.

For a day out on the town, head downtown and check out the city’s recent improvements as well as an exciting new assortment of stores.

Access some of Idaho’s top outdoor recreational destinations and one-of-a-kind natural wonders by visiting Twin Falls and its adjacent towns.

The Snake River, which winds its way across the valley, brings vitality to the dry terrain. From summers on the lake to paddleboarding emerald reservoirs, BASE jumping the Perrine Bridge, and even more adjacent day trip opportunities, there is something for everyone.

Connect with a Realtor in Twin Falls and ask how to explore all that Twin Falls has to offer and see some of the city’s most popular attractions, such as…

The Perrine Bridge

The Perrine Bridge, located on the outskirts of Twin Falls, spans the spectacular plains of the Snake River Canyon.

This 1,500+/- foot long four-lane bridge features pedestrian walkways with breathtaking views of the Snake River, nearby lakes, and beautiful waterfalls.

Perrine Bridge is one of the top ten tallest bridges in the United States, and it is a popular year-round BASE jumping destination.

Guide to Exploring Twin Falls - Ask a Realtor from Twin Falls
Photograph of the Perrine Bridge by a Realtor in Twin Falls

The Mini-Niagra: Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls, frequently referred to as the Niagra of the West, is one of the largest natural waterfalls in the United States, surpassing Niagara Falls in size at roughly 212+/- feet tall and 900+/- feet broad.

Shoshone Falls, located on the Snake River, gives spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding waterfalls and cavernous basalt gorges below.

The falls are a great place to spend a day admiring the scenery and taking advantage of the adjacent outdoor recreational facilities, which include parks, hiking paths, picnic sites, a boat port, a swimming area, and a magnificent perspective.

If kayaking is your thing, you can kayak from the Centennial Park dock to Pillar Falls. Then grab your kayak and pillage over the rocks and put it back in the water for a short paddle right up to Shoshone Falls. As a Realtor in Twin Falls, it is one of my favorite summer pastimes.

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

From jaw-dropping panoramas to gushing waterfalls, the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail captures some of the best views in town.

The Snake River Canyon has more than 10 miles of dedicated pedestrian trails that are appropriate for beginners and beyond. Hiking, boating, SUP options, kayaking, golfing, animal viewing, and more are just a few of the outdoor recreational things to try.

For more possibilities, try golfing in the Canyon or visiting popular places like Canyon Springs Golf Course and Blue Lakes Country Club.

Many outdoor enthusiasts also love rock climbing or BASE jumping from the canyon’s dizzying heights.

AWOL Ziplining the Snake River Canyon

When adventure calls, AWOL Adventure Sports is your wingman. Take a tour along the 1,750+/- foot long Snake River Canyon zipline, which offers some of the most breathtaking vistas in all of Southern Idaho.

This spectacular adventure includes a tour of Twin Fall’s indigenous flora and animals, unique geology, and fascinating history.

AWOL also gives scenic boat tours and rents sit-in and sit-on kayaks and SUPS to enjoy the Snake River.

Dierkes Lake

Dierkes Lake is a popular summertime destination with over 190 acres of parkland, perfect for summer barbeques, swimming, and spending a relaxing day in the sun.

A playground, picnic tables, barbecues, fishing, hiking trails, recreational facilities, shaded pavilions with seating for up to 54 people, and lakefront access to non-motorized boats are all available at the newly renovated park.

This tranquil setting is ideal for organizing gatherings, escaping the heat of summer, and scuba diving for the more adventurous.

Guide to Exploring Twin Falls - Ask a Realtor from Twin Falls

Check out these nearby attractions…

Miracle & Banbury Hot Springs | Thousand Springs

Spend the day at a geothermal hideaway relaxing and unwinding at Miracle Hot Springs. For the ultimate natural spa experience, choose from a range of big public or private pools that can be reserved, and unwind in luxury steaming thermal springs.

Not far away is Thousand Springs Natural Hot Springs which offers access to Blue Heart Springs…a local favorite destination for kayakers.

Take advantage of newly remodeled facilities, numerous amenities, and year-round access to temperature-controlled mineral pools.

Several adjacent tent and RV camping sites are open for the day or overnight, or you can book a camper dome ahead of time.

Shoshone Ice Caves

The Shoshone Ice Caves are an excellent place to visit if you want to learn about Idaho’s unique geology while also escaping the summer heat.

Take a guided tour of one of Idaho’s most amazing lava ice caves, which spans over 1,000 feet in length and reaches depths of up to 30 feet.

Descend 3/4+/- mile down a wooden path to see spectacular frozen lava tubes formed by air currents freezing subterranean water.

Extend your underground adventure by visiting Idaho’s Mammoth Cave & Shoshone Bird Museum Of Natural History, which is just a mile away and has ancient Indian relics, gems, and minerals.

City of Rocks – A National Reserve

For outdoor enthusiasts in southern Idaho, the City of Rocks National Reserve is a top-rated backcountry adventure and climbing destination.

Explore this historic 14,407-acre Reserve with vistas of the Albion Mountains, 60-foot monoliths, and imposing granite bluffs.

When it comes to outdoor activity in the Reserve, the sky is the limit.

The City of Rocks, well-known among rock climbers, is an excellent place to improve your abilities to the next level, with a variety of routes ranging in difficulty from 5.0+/- to 5.13+/-.

The location is also perfect for hiking, mountain biking, camping under the stars, and taking advantage of the abundant animal viewing opportunities.


There is so much going on in southern Idaho, you may miss some wonderful things if you don’t know someone in the area to direct you. That is where a friendship with a local Realtor from Twin Falls comes in handy.

Gives us a call and we’ll be happy to share all the fun things there is to do in our Magic Valley.

You can also check out our blog post about local Facebook Groups for more local details here.

Guide to Exploring Twin Falls - Ask a Realtor from Twin Falls

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