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Ron’s Musings – September 2022

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Hi All! 

Here is your monthly dose of Ron’s Home Improvement Musings, a list of what I’m doing to my home. If you enjoy it, please feel free to forward this to friends. 

Welcome to the First Issue!

How can I provide YOU value in a newsletter that helps us BOTH grow as time progresses? We have already established a working relationship where we both came out better at the end of a real estate transaction. Let’s keep it going! I’ll share what I’m doing with my home. Let me know what you’re doing!

Let’s try it!

Home Maintenance – Lawn Fertilizer

At the end of last year, I finally gave in. I spent almost $9,000 having sprinklers and sod installed in the front and backyard. It looks terrific! It enhanced the aesthetics around the home and gave us something soft to walk around in. Two years prior, it was a scene out of Mad Max. Dirt and Goat Head weeds were everywhere. The dog tracked in layers of dirt every day, and I wish I had a dollar for every time I stepped barefoot on a Goat Head buried deep within my bedroom carpet.

Now, It’s beautiful. Weekly mowing and edging have become the main summer chore but are worth it. It also increases the resale value. Thank you!

So this week, the maintenance included adding some Milorganite Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer. This will aid in root development and enhance the lawn’s deep, green color. This is my first fertilizer to add so far. As usual, I bought it from Amazon and just had it shipped to me. Our local Ace Hardware in Filer carries most things, but I wasn’t in the mood to go see. Plus, other items in my Amazon shopping cart were ready to be shipped. Click Click Done!

Local Recommendation: For anything lawn, sprinkler, and irrigation-related, I highly recommend Snake River Sprinklers. Yes, they might be a few months backlogged, so call ahead. The Montgomery Boy Gene and Laytn will take care of you!  (208) 734-8900 (located between Filer and Buhl on US-30).

Home Improvements

Milo has been a terrific addition to our family. He is a handsome standard Poodle bathed in solid white hypoallergenic hair (a necessity for Lisa’s allergies to dogs and cats). But Lord help us if he ever got out the front door. He would bolt like a flash of lightning down the street, and it would be a minimum of 90 minutes before he would wear out. He runs back and forth from front yard to front yard, barking at any animal that looks at him: goats, horses, cows, other dogs.

When we bought our current home in 2019, it had no fencing. This meant walking our dogs out on a leash every single time they had to potty. This got old, REAL QUICK. And you think our teenage girls wanted to help with this chore? Oh, they wanted the dog…sure. But help with the potty breaks…no way, Dad!

Me and Milo, our hair color matches 🙂

So I installed fencing. For affordability, I chose chain-link with colored inserts for as much privacy as possible. I started by blocking in the backyard strictly for Milo’s sake. I was so impressed with the look and minimal cost I added more fencing to enclose part of the driveway.

Local Recommendation: I have now used Bill’s Fence, located in Filer, for two installations at my home. They can be a few weeks booked out but are definitely worth the wait. I am so pleased with their service that I am happy to have them display their sign on my fence for advertising. 208-731-3162 (located in Filer, Idaho).

​​Home Seasonal Themes

Can you believe September is already here?! That means here at the Jones Hacienda, it’s time to start getting out the Halloween decorations. If scary ghouls are your thing, make sure you visit the Haunted Swamp in Twin Falls. It is owned by the same folks who own the ski resort at Magic Mountain. One of the ways they raise money for the Ski Patrol at MM is by hosting several weeks of hometown horror at the Haunted Swamp. The actors/employees all volunteer in exchange for free ski passes to Magic Mountain during the next ski season. I’ve signed my whole family up before and can honestly say it was a blast scaring other people. Except for that one time that I tripped and fell down. My Apple watch kept asking me if I wanted to dial 9-1-1.

We’ve been decorating for Halloween for decades. Now that I have all the new grass decorating the yard with lights, bones, and fog machines will be a pleasure! We just finished garnering ideas by visiting one of our favorite Halloween stores: Spirit Halloween. Here’s a TikTok that I made showcasing this year’s displays.

If you drive by my home during any Halloween season, you’ll see Mr. Bones. He’s been a resident here for two decades, thanks to our careers in healthcare. Do you decorate for Halloween? If so, what do you focus on more: the inside of your home, outside…or both?

Remember, if you know someone who needs help in the real estate world, have them give me a call. I’d love to add them to the newsletter list.

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