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Welcome to The Magic Valley (Things to Do & See!)

One of the facets of being a real estate agent is getting to meet new people and show them around Twin Falls.
Whether it be a job moving them here or a desire to live in God’s country where freedom still reigns, many things bring folks to Twin Falls, Idaho.

I, myself, came here for a job in healthcare at the local hospital. It didn’t take long to recognize heaven on earth for my family.  

The moment my recruiter told me it was called The Magic Valley, I knew there was something special about it.
Being big Disneyland fans helped too. We would take as much “magic” in our lives as possible.
Then I heard just to the north of me was Treasure Valley.
Of course, I’ve come to feel that was due to their overpriced homes…which they seem to TREASURE so much up there. LOL
In this article, I will share three things:
  1. Links to local groups and people of interest
  2. Top eateries that will leave you completely satisfied
  3. Our favorite top places to visit on a short visit

Local Things to Do and See

Anyway, I promised you a few things. 1. Some local information via Facebook groups that discuss our Magic Valley.
  • Moving to Southern Idaho is a group my cohort Jessica and I started. Our intent is to share all the fun stuff there is to do around the Magic Valley and is a fairly new group.
  • Twin Falls Recreational Kayakers is not my group but I love kayaking so much…they asked me to run it. So, you’ll see a lot of my family there. But it shows a lot of different places that can also be hiked if you end up not a kayaker. Although I warn that it is the perfect mixture of boating and fishing, both of which you said you and Nathan enjoy.
  • Ron Jones – Idaho Realtor is my Facebook Agent page. I share home tips and new properties there daily.
  • The Jeremy Orton Real Estate Group is who I work with and displays more properties than I do at times. You are always welcome to check out the posts there as well.
2.  Delicious local eateries in Twin Falls 
Tomatos Italian Grill
  • If you love Italian food, please don’t get caught at the newly opened Olive Garden in Twin. Our local favorite is owned by the Sutherland brothers Jessie and Roger. Ask for one of them if you go. Tell them Ron Jones sent you and he mentioned the infamous Bacon Spezzie. And if you are extra hungry, they have an amazing hot cheese soup.
Scooter’s Chillin’ N Grillin’
  • If you have an affinity for buffalo wings accompanied by numerous flavors of sauces, you should definitely try Scooters bone-in wings (they do not offer those less-manly boneless wings).
2nd South Market
  • This new eatery is quickly gaining massive popularity. Partly because there are many different food vendors inside the market. And partly because the food is so ridiculously delicious that you’ll be glad you went there for lunch. If you end up here, I highly recommend Smokey Bone for delicious BBQ.
Elevation 486
  • Elevation is our small-town restaurant for the local nobility. I’m a bit cheeky with that comment but it is rather expensive for dinner. I suppose every town needs one. it boasts breath-taking views over the canyon from the restaurant. We used to take all of our incoming physicians there for lunch when we were courting them to come work at the local hospital. But that was a previous life for me.
​3. Local hot spots worth visiting
  • Shoshone Falls– But don’t just stand up top and ogle at them. Drive down into Shoshone park and look around. You can walk out onto walkways that put you over the cliff (not my favorite feeling.) Shoshone Falls are also what you can kayak to and see if my linked groups.
  • Centennial Park – hidden behind Costco, this is the gateway to launching boats and kayaks to travel on the water to Pillar Falls. A long, winding road takes you down to a lovely play area complete with several picnic spots and a playground. I saw a movie being filmed down there last year.
  • Big Red Park – officially known as First Federal Park, named after the bank that donated it to our city. Kids of all ages love to play there and I have enjoyed many hours with my kids there too.
  • Honorable mentions – not as viable in winter but other favorites include miniature golf, snow cone stands smattered all over town, a handful of parades throughout the year, and many other activities. I happen to know the local Santa is very popular too…
​These are just listings of things “in town” and there are many more things to see within one hour of Twin Falls.
Balanced Rock, Craters of the Moon, Nat-Soo-Pah,
Call me when you are ready to come to Twin Falls and you’ll get a first-rate tour from me.
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  • Jack oleary
    Written on

    Thanks for send me links..I would like to see all your listings in twin falls area.
    Gracen Calica from Keller WILLIAMS SENT ME YOUR name..they have a kool app but doesn’t cover twin falls area

    • Hi Jack!
      Thanks for letting me know that Gracen from KW in Idaho Falls referred you to my page. I’ll send you an email with more information .

      • Kent
        Written on

        I’m still looking for a 3 or 4 bed and 2 bath home in Twin Falls or Jerome county. I would like to find 1 around #200,000.

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